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Should Bob Quest 1 be deleted or put back on Newgrounds?

2016-02-23 17:03:05 by TheGoMakBros

EDIT: It's alright. Bob Quest 1 is back baby! :D

Hey guys, Jordan here. In case you didn't know, I took Bob Quest 1, my brother Troy's game, off of Newgrounds with his permission. Why you ask? It was getting bad reviews. Few were nice, and others were bad. So, Bob Quest 1's future is all up to you guys now. Time to vote...

1. Put Bob Quest 1 back on Newgrounds.

2. Delete Bob Quest 1 entirely.

It's time to decide. I'll be back on Sunday of this week to check this post out. See you all later!
Jordan, Boss & Founder Of TheGoMakBros.